Yeti Double Decker Bus

Another Blurry Photo of the Famed Double Decker Bus

Like the Yeti, Big Foot and Lock Ness Monster I just can’t seem to get a good photo of this critter. We spotted it the other day in the rear view mirror and I got my camera ready.

It pulled into the passing lane behind us. The anticipation built. It was moving up! I was ready! Yes, this time we would capture a good photo to prove it exists! But then it crossed back over two lanes of traffic and escaped down the off ramp of I-89. Foiled again!

I snapped this picture hoping vainly that I would capture the fast moving monster as it slipped away behind the trees back to its lair. No go. Someday I’ll get a good picture. It’s real I tell you… They hide up in the mountains of Vermont. Double-decker busses, just waiting to prey on innocent tourists… Beware!

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  1. Brian Martin says:

    That would be the “Mega bus” It makes runs daily from Boston to Burlington and NYC to Burlington. They claim the cheapest fares with some as low as a buck! I see the NYC to Burlington one almost daily the upper deck seems to fill up the fastest and the seats in front are in big demand!

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