Kickstarter Progress Charts #1

This week we had a practice shipment of a half pig for someone who had ordered back prior to the Kickstarter project. She was further than our delivery route but close enough to make a good test of shipping two quarter pig sized boxes of meat using dry ice. Previously we had shipped a roaster and another smaller package of jowl and sausage of about five pounds of meat back in the winter and spring during cooler weather. We’re gradually building up the experience for how to ship meat. By the time we have our license for on-farm meat cutting we’ll also have lots of experience in shipping.

As part of these tests we got three batches of dry ice from a supplier up in the Burlington area and did tests with many different sized boxes filled with bones, back fat and meat plus varying amounts of insulation and dry ice. With each round we were able to take that data and improve our methods. Dry ice is fun stuff, just don’t get frost bite!

On the butcher shop we’ve prepping for the next big concrete pour. I called the local concrete ready-mix plant this morning to check on their schedule for the pump truck and batches. I use a bit of a special mix for each of our types of pours so I like to coordinate in advance of each pour to have the stone, concrete and additives ready.

The chart below, with a cartoon by Ben, shows our progress marked by the darkening of the various bars next to each milestone. Farm things are in green, Kickstarter things in yellow, construction in blue, inspection licensing in red/brown.

Below is another chart showing progress on the rewards. Karma has shipped through the ether – be sure to be receptive the the good coming your way! Baker’s dozen downloadables are up. I’ve designed the thank you postcards and we’re getting ready to mail them out. Patches are done and will ship with the other rewards. The ivory tusks are ready. If you haven’t already filled out your survey then be sure to do that now!

Enjoy the wonderful weather!

Outdoors: 73°F/63°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 78°F/70°F

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3 Responses to Kickstarter Progress Charts #1

  1. Jenn says:

    Thanks for the update and I love Ben’s cartoons! He’s really good!

  2. Denise Ferrari says:

    Hello Walter, can you tell me when we can be expecting our pork?

    • We’re looking at starting cutting in March and then we’ll start filling the CSA Pre-Buys and Kickstarter buys. It’s very exciting to finally have the ceilings a.k.a. roof poured. Now we can start finishing off the interior. Yesterday I was working on ordering doors and windows. Equipment is coming. We’re close and it feels good!

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