Mission Small Business

Vote for us to get a $250,000 grant!

“Grants to small businesses across America to help them grow and thrive. They are giving out a dozen grants of $250,000 each. The program is supported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and aims to help small businesses expand with awards Up to $3 Million to small businesses nationwide.”

We are on budget to finish the butcher shop on budget – the meat cutting and sausage making portion which includes the majority of the physical building. After we get done with the meat cutting section we still need to finish off and equip the abattoir ($120,000) to bring slaughter on-farm and the smokehouse ($50,000) to bring smoking on-farm. Later we’ll do the aging rooms and the warm kitchen for charcuterie. This grant would help us complete construction more quickly so we can bring you more delicious pastured pork in all its wonderful variety.

What we need is 250 people to go to the Mission Small Business web site and vote for our project. It costs you nothing and is easy to do. If you can spread the word to tell your friends, coworkers, relatives and blog readers that would be wonderful! Tweet and Facebook too!

All votes must be in by June 30th so don’t delay!

How to vote:

  1. Go to the Mission Small Business web site.
  2. Register or Login – It’s painless.
  3. Scroll down the next page to the search box for “Business Name”.
  4. Type in:     Sugar Mountain Farm
  5. Click the Search button.
  6. Scroll down the results page until you see Sugar Mountain Farm and click the Vote button next to our farm name.
  7. After you vote, click the Share button and also tell your friends!
  8. Like Sugar Mountain Farm on Facebook to follow our progress.

We send you a big Thank you! from our family for your help!

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Tiny Cottage: 83°F/69°F East & South Windows Shaded from Warm Summer Sun

Daily Spark: Holly and I elooped around the rotary.

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19 Responses to Mission Small Business

  1. John Richer says:

    I want to vote, but I’m in Ontario and it wants a U.S. address!

    • Hmm… Well, do you know some people in the U.S. who you can spread the word to? That would help! And, thanks for trying!

    • Gil Romero says:

      I just voted from Yucatan Mexico simply by typing in Sugar Mountain Farm.
      I clicked on “Support” and that button changed to “Supported” so I am assuming we were allowed to vote successfully.

      I have FACEBOOK and my email is through Gmail which is based in the US but on all of our materials and addresses with both FACE and Gmail our IPO address should be Mexico.

      Nowhere did anyone ask where we were voting from. That may have been an issue if I had chosen the other option besides simply typing in the company name but who knows?

      Looks like our vote was successful and…it was quick and easy so try, try, again! It´s a great cause for great people!

    • Lisa Pownall says:

      Hey John,

      I’m also in Ontario Canada but it had no problem logging me in thru Facebook and allowing me to vote. The bank app never asked me for a U.S address. maybe try again right through Facebook using the link at the top Walter left?
      So there you are Walter, I put my vote in from Canada. Your farm is awesome!

  2. David says:

    Voted as well!

    If you get 250 votes do you automatically get the 250k grant? That would be awesome :)

  3. Stacy Dopp says:

    Since I do not use facebook and when I contacted them about another way I got this reply.Mission: Small Business Help needhelp@missionsmallbusiness.com via mailgun.us
    8:54 PM (33 minutes ago)

    to Stacy
    Thank you for your email. We do not have any other ways of voting other than through Facebook. The goal of this program is to bring attention to local small business and we are doing all we can to drive traffic to these business’ social media pages. We appreciate your feedback and will obviously take it into consideration for future programs.


    The Mission: Small Business Team
    So if the gentleman that can’t because he is in Canada have him contact me at the address I have supplied for this post and I will let him use my mailing address. I would like to see you get this .

  4. DrFood says:

    Done–I must really love y’all, because I signed in with Facebook, and I’m allergic to Facebook.

  5. JohnL says:

    Ive got the same problem as John Richer, Walter. Living in Ireland so no US address but I’ll try to get some of my American cousins to vote. Good luck. I’m sure competition will be fierce

  6. Gil Romero says:

    Hola Walter,

    Reading some of the other comments, I will bet my limited pesos on your voters simply needing a US-based email provider like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail. Unless of course Obama and the boyz got bored with the Middle East and annexed Mexico overnight so that now this morning we too are allowed to vote? I suppose that would be one way of resolving the immigration “problem”?
    Good luck Walter!
    Saludos, Gil

  7. Sal says:

    Voted! Good luck!

  8. Karl says:

    using the facebook login option was fast and easy.

  9. Sandra Mitchell says:

    We have voted for you! Would you consider returning the favor?
    Vote for NUTROPICAL in Secaucus, NJ
    Thank you and beautiful farm you have!
    Thanks, Sandra

  10. Yes! We made it! 258 votes as of Sunday morning! Thank you everyone for all of your support. Holly, Will, Ben, and yes, even Hope, and I are working on polishing our essay. The next stage of the grant competition is that after June 30th the judges will review essays with winners to be announced by September 15th.

  11. Michael says:

    Good Luck Walter!
    I have learned more from your blog than any college class I have taken. Your willingness to share your “trade secrets” from you endeavors has kept me coming back and I wish you luck for the grant and all your future plans.
    I have never owned a pig, though I am quite fond of bacon.


  12. Jeff says:

    Hey Walt. Why don’t you let everyone know, like you conveniently did me in private e-mail, that you will not reciprocate to any of the good folks who voted for you because its considered voting trading and against the contest program rules?


    • The people who gave us our 250 votes were my blog readers, customers, friends and such. Please don’t confuse that with random people like yourself who just randomly pick us as someone they want to trade votes with. You have sent multiple messages each of which the WordPress spam filters have identified as spam. I unmarked this one as spam to address your concern.

      I got an avalanche of requests for vote trading – over two dozen that I know of and possibly more that my spam filters blocked and I never saw. My wife saw in the rules that vote trading is against the rules. Don’t blame me for making up that rule – Mission: Small Business has it in their rules. Make sure you read their rules carefully as they have a whole bunch of things they put in there that can disqualify an entry. Holly also pointed out that just because a random stranger says they voted for us and ask for a vote trade doesn’t mean they really did. It just means they want us to vote for them. After thinking about that I realized she’s right.

      Most of these requests for vote trading are from people, like you, who I have never had any contact with before who were spamming me with requests on my blog and on Facebook asking me to vote for them. Quite frankly it was too much. I could sit at the computer all day checking out who they are, voting and never get any farm work done never mind finishing my essay. I farm. I am building a butcher shop. I homeschool our kids. I have the essay to write on top of that. This doesn’t leave much time to go through the hoops that Mission: Small Business put up to vote for people who merely contacted me to trade votes. I have to be selective in who I vote for because if nothing else it takes a lot of time. Thus I vote for people I know, people I actually, truly have interaction with. Strangers randomly contacting me who have nothing to do with us, who have never contact us before aren’t likely to get a vote. The intent of the voting process if you read the Mission: Small Business rules is that people vote for people they have a connection with, not for random people.

      Most of the spammers really were just that, spammers. I checked out some of their web sites and it became clear they were not ‘real people’. Selling sex toys, aphrodisiacs, pills, financial consulting, home mortgages and such. Nothing to do with us, never had contact with us before, not even really candidates for M:SB. I emailed you privately to ask about our connection so that I could understand. You made it clear that we weren’t connected in anyway, that I was just a random person you contacted (spammed) to trade votes.

      My suggestion is that you reach out to your network of customers, friends and other contacts, as Mission: Small Business tells you to do, and ask those people to vote for you rather than relying on complete strangers. They’re not looking for how many votes you can get by spamming. What they want to see is that you have real community support for your project. Check out their rules carefully to make sure you don’t run afoul of any others and that you jump all the hurdles.

  13. Annie says:

    I voted!

    And thankyou for that interesting explination. It hadnt’ occured to me that this vote trading or the spamming would be going on. The things people do! I am surprised quite frankly at their doing it because it is a competition. As I understand it only a few people are going to get the awards.

    I hpe you win! You deserve it for all the sharing you do with other people of information. Reading your blog saved my health. You are part of what convinced me that eating meat could be done responsibly. Next year I am getting a pig! I got three hens this year and am loving the eggs they started laying recently.

    Good luck!

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