Pig Cutting Workshop

NuRed and Piglets in Far South Field

Cole Ward, with whom we apprenticed for 18 months to learn the art of meat cutting, is holding a pork butchering workshop Saturday, July 21st. The classes will be at the home of Bob and Vanessa Eich, 23 Chambers Road, Jefferson, New Hampshire 03253. Workshop will begin at 9 a.m. Class space is limited so register early!

Cost $80 per person which includes coffee and sandwiches for lunch. Register by calling Cole Ward at 802-881-1468 or Vanessa Eich at 603-631-5018. You can also email Cole Ward at colethebutcher@yahoo.com. Workshop fees must be prepayed by sending checks to C.W.Enterprize, P.O. Box 18, Johnson, Vermont 05656. Payment must be recieved no later than Friday, July 20th.

These workshops are a lot of fun and we encourage you to take photos and video. Be sure to ask questions. Cole is a most excellent teacher and a master butcher! This is a fantastic opportunity!

Also check out Cole’s blog and web site at The Gourmet Butcher.

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3 Responses to Pig Cutting Workshop

  1. DrFood says:

    Boy, I wish we could attend, but that’s a long trip from Wisconsin to New Hampshire. We have Cole’s videos, and those are terrific.

  2. Have & Have Not Farm says:

    Great site. Do you guys skin or scrape your pigs? Gearing up this fall for my first slaughter. Hard to find someone reasonably priced and close by to teach the basics. I am always willing to listen to sound advice

    • Scrape and scald which makes for better meat quality when hanging for aging and also allows for roaster pigs. Try checking your local farmer’s associations. They might be having a slaughter and butcher class in your area or know of people who offer them. Cole’s Butchering DVD is a great source of info for the meat cutting.

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