Seen While Walking

Lichen on the East Side of a Maple Tree

I see lots of interesting things out on pasture walks, when checking fences and visiting distant farrowing sows.

Spruce Sap Gum

Shelf Fungi Trio

Outdoors: 65°F/46°F Sunny, Light Sprinkle
Tiny Cottage: 69°F/65°F

Daily Spark: Hiding in the Light.

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2 Responses to Seen While Walking

  1. Michael says:


    the playboy bunny
    serving a droplet of ginger ale
    on the art deco table

  2. Walter thats my favorite part of the day! I try and walk around the lines at least once a day. I always see something that catches my eye.
    Hope you have been enjoying the warmer than usual spring. We sure are getting a head start this year.
    Glad to see your on farm butcher shop coming together. Very interested to know if the meat will taste better because of less or no stress?
    Thanks for documenting your voyage
    Acme Bliss Farm

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