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I’ve been struggling with spam in email for about 15 years or so. It is a pity that spam isn’t edible or we would be able to solve world hunger and the delivery problem is so easy. But it isn’t. At one point I was getting around 5,000 pieces of email spam a day. Now it is down to a dozen through the use of SpamAssassin and various filters at the server and local level.

Blog spam has been another struggle. This spring I went through trials with a bunch of different solutions to try an strike a balance between blocking spammers and not blocking real live humans from being able to leave comments. I can’t just turn off the spam blockers because I’ll get hundreds of spam a day. I tried that. It left no time to write and real comments ended up lost in the chaff.

But the spam blockers were blocking some real people from being able to comment. A partial solution was they would email me their comments and I would hand post them but that wasn’t ideal.

About a week ago I stumbled on “Spam Free WordPress” which seems to be stopping 100% of the spam while letting real people comment easily. It is amazing that it works so well because it is such a simple solution. Proof of that old adage.

Additionally I use “Akismet” and I hand coded into my .htaccess file to block specific sections of the IP addresses that are particularly troublesome. I may try removing the .htaccess blocks on a temporary basis as that stops users in certain countries from reading my blog but I must admit I have been enjoying not getting all that spam.

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12 Responses to Spam Free WordPress

  1. Andrew says:

    Thanks a ton Walter!
    I was just fighting with my CAPTCHA settings earlier today. This seems to be a much easier fix.

  2. Ari says:

    I’ve had a lot of problems with spam comments on a blog I have on GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting system, and I spend ridiculous amounts of time deleting spam every day to try to find legitimate comments. Is there a blog system anyone can recommend that uses the “Captcha” system where visitors have to type characters in a box before posting to confirm that they’re actually human and not a spambot?

  3. arcuz 2 says:

    I’m using Referrer Karma and the spammer sites are all blacklisted, but they are still showing up in my logs. I’m not sure what I should do. Any advice?

  4. Steve says:

    Spam Free WordPress is really simple to block spam, but I found an article describing the bypass of the protection: [link rmvd]

    • I have noticed some spam getting through Spam Free WordPress but it definitely cuts down on the volume. Good thing I use three layers of spam catching in addition to manually moderating. Combined they seem to do the job.

  5. Unfortunately the Spam Free WordPress plugin was updated and no longer works for me. See here. It was sweet while it lasted.

  6. Nat says:

    Is WordPress your host? If not, what host do you use?

  7. Johnk416 says:

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