Whirly Birds

This hawk circled and soared, eyeing our poultry on the ground. The dogs keeping pace all around. While it would love to land that would a really bad idea. There is a raven in the valley, who’s still alive, who tried that with Kita, the raven baiter. That raven, care of Kita, is missing a big bite out of its left wing which makes a very distinctive silhouette. I just saw it the other day. Years ago a hawk got inside the chicken coop swiftly followed by Kita. They’re pretty to see but I’m glad we’ve got dogs, geese and roosters to object to the wildlife dining here. As the dogs pacing below say, don’t mess with their livestock. Eventually the hawk in this photo drifted off to look for easier pickings.

Later I saw this whirly bird fly by making a beeline headed towards Montpelier. It wasn’t the flying ambulance or the power line maintenance helicopter. Remus and I watched it pass across the far south field as we were out with farrowing sows. It’s been a busy piglet week.

Outdoors: 61°F/49°F Light Rain off and on
Tiny Cottage: 70°F/67°F

Daily Spark: Envisioned Epitaph: For once I’m ahead of schedule. -Ben

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  1. Jessie N. says:

    Ben has invented my new favorite epitaph. It’s right up there with “I told you I was sick.”

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