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  1. Hi Walter!
    We have a hobby farm. I have two really nice b/w’s-very long and lean (bacon I am told!). We bred in Feb. and one of the gilts came in less than two hrs upon the arrival of the boar. They bred the next day and she never came in again. IN fact the boar was penned with her for about 6 weeks after and he never even bothered with her.
    The other was far more onery and re-bred the day the boy left. Her indicator is up though so I am hopeful.
    The first bred gilt has an enlarged vulva today with a bit of discharge. I have read your site from beginning to end and I love it!
    Date calculated should be 06/20. Give or take 10, as you say, would make her less than 5 days out. Should I assume she is getting ready and move her away from the other gilt?

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