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Every once in a while someone complains about not being able to deal with the anti-spam measures on my blog. I apologize, but they are necessary. As an experiment I just turned of the Captcha for one hour. During that time I got 36 spam comments. There was also one real comment. Over the course of a day I might get 1,000 spam comments.

Since we can’t have all that pollution on the blogs that means I have to sort through all the spam to find the real comments. If I do that I won’t have the time to reply to questions or write new articles. The alternative is to not allow comments. That would be sad. Thus Captcha and other anti-spam weaponry is vital.


  1. Make a copy of your comment if it is long.
  2. The Captcha has two separate word parts
  3. If you can’t read the Captcha then press the two-arrows cycling button to get a new one that maybe is easier to read.
  4. Squint.
  5. If you can’t deal with it at all you can email me and I can post your comment for you but that will be a little slower.

We need more ham, less spam, so Captcha is back on again.

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10 Responses to Captcha Off and On Again

  1. Joanna says:

    Have you tried other Captcha plugins? This one has been effective for us so far:
    It uses simple math expressions instead of words. It doesn’t help in the broader goal of deciphering scanned books, but so far it has kept the spam out, and that’s my primary goal. Check our site to see how it looks in action.

    • I’ve tried a lot of different anti-spam plugins. Strangely, some people seem to have more problems with the math based ones and some people have problems with the language based ones. I’ve also tried picture based ones as some people may have noticed a couple of months ago. Different strokes and all that. Perhaps we need a Captcha that lets one choose which of three questions to answer: math, picture or language.

  2. Perhaps it would help if Captcha used common words.

    • It used to be that the good Captcha did but it seems to be garbage oft as not now. I tried several others that used clearer text but spammers have software that reads those quite well and the level of spam shot up. What we really need is a spammer fee. If a spammer comments they have to pay $1. If it is a real comment, like from you, then I moderate and approve it and the fee is given back to you. But if it is a spammer, I mark it as spam and keep the $1 for my time. If I mark you, my friends, as spammers you’ll quickly stop commenting. Wish it were so with the spammers. :) This is a novel and interesting idea… I wonder how to implement it. That $1 per spam attempt would very quickly kill off the spammers by draining their bank accounts. Heck, it would fund bloggers too. :)

  3. Ralph Emmerson says:

    I hate the captchas but I gotta sympathize with you on the spam as it make life aweful wasting all that time dealing with it.

  4. Null says:

    Alternatively, you can use a security question in place of Captchas. I have a forum that was having all sorts of spam issues, I added a security question something like: “What is the red liquid that pumps through the human heart” (the obvious answer being blood). My spam issues ceased immediately and permanently. I have had zero spam since, not even one.

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