Thank You For Kickstarting the Butcher Shop!

Ben and Hope’s Latest Cartoon Info-Graphic at End of Kickstarter (zoom)

Thank you from all of us to all of you for making our Kickstarter project a success and helping to fund our dream of having our own on-farm nano-scale USDA inspected butcher shop here at Sugar Mountain Farm!

Funding the butcher shop has been an adventure in and of itself. An adventure beyond the learning all the regulations, learning commercial meat cutting, developing the construction techniques, getting permits, designing the facility and building the facility.

Banks wouldn’t help because they “weren’t lending to new or expanding businesses” to use their words. Government wouldn’t help because we were too small. They literally told us to come back when we needed a million dollars and then they would just give it to us as a grant with no payback necessary.

But our customers, fellow farmers, local businesses and many other individuals stepped forward with Kickstarter and before that with many small and larger loans, CSA Pre-Buys, extreme extended terms for supplies and many times outright donations to the project.

I have received many encouraging letters from people like the ones below:

I have followed your farm blog for a long time now, and was happy to see the Kickstarter project launched, and even happier to contribute. I’m a young farmer in Rhode Island, trying to start a cheese and yogurt making dairy with my wife, after working for other cheesemakers for the past few years. We have learned a lot from your posts – who knew you could make concrete float! – and thought it was about time we returned the favor. So thank you for your willingness to share your experiences so freely. We hope to follow in your steps to help other farmers learn from our mistakes and adventures!
-A. Morley


When I saw your Kickstarter link, I could not justify sitting idly by. Your project is important; there are too few local processors for meat in the U.S. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and your family.
Besides, I hope to have a farm of my own in the next few years. By doing all of the hard work of experimenting and taking the extra time to share what you have learned by blogging, you are saving me a whole lot of trouble down the road. If anything, I still owe you a debt of thanks for all of the hours of knowledge and entertainment.

-M. McGraw


It was my pleasure to help with your project. I have been reading your blog for over two years. I am so glad that you will be shipping your meat. Your writing is so insightful and is spot on when it comes to knowing where your food comes from and decentralizing our food supply. My mouth is already watering at the thought of pork products.
-J. Salisbury

It is very heartening to have so many people offer their support throughout the past four years as we have gradually wound our way through the path of this journey to on-farm butchering. We are looking forward to sending you your orders of our delicious pastured pork that was bred, born, raised and butchered here on Sugar Mountain Farm!

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All I was asking for was a loan, not a gift. This is perhaps one of the fundamental flaws in our government and Big Business. Government subsidizes the big guys who are to fat to fail while ignoring small businesses which are actually the backbone of our country. Rather than giving grants they should do loans at reasonable interest rates that are then turned around and re-loaned to help the next business rather than ending up in the pockets of billionaire bankers who drove their businesses into the ground taking the US economy with them. Let’s end all subsidies.

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  1. Janna says:

    I absolutely love your cartoons!! They are so rich and fun. So personal! I am so glad you made your goal!

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