Last Hours, Cartoon & One More Shirt Winner!

Final Funding Hours Cartoon by Ben & Hope with cameo by Lio (zoom)

We are in the final hours. Our Kickstarter project closes at 10:01 PM this evening. Thank you to everyone for this wonderful ride into the clouds with the Kickstarter leprechauns!

Be sure to make any adjustments to pledges or rewards selections now. If you’re pledging extra to add-on extra goodies, my upcoming book, the butchering or farm tour videos, the commemorative T-shirt, patch and stickers, small tusk and such I’ll be asking which you would like when it comes time to do the shipping survey. Details in Update #44 and Update #39.

If you would like to save big by buying in bulk now’s the time to upgrade to a whole pig which we can ship to you one quarter at a time to save your freezer space. Share your reward with a friend as several people are doing to further save space and get in on the bulk pork savings of half and whole pigs as described in Update #47.

Just as I was getting ready to post this update Temaperacl pledged bumping us up over the $33,000 mark and winning a Laughing Dog T-shirt as discussed in Update #46. There will be another T-shirt every $500. A half a pig or a whole pig could make that bump easily and secure a shirt!

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  1. anne says:

    thats a cute cartoon, love the style :)

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