New Kickstarter Goals: The Abattoir

New info graphic cartoon from Ben & Hope showing our progress. (zoom)

Thanks to all of you we are now more than half way from our original goal $25,000 goal for the butcher shop to the $30,000 red line that lets us pour the concrete for the tower of the next step: the abattoir where we’ll be able to do on-farm slaughter.

As a bonus to everyone who’s pledging $25 or more I’ll add in an extra FarmImage Goodie of your choice if we can get to that $30K red line. (I can do this at that level and above since we’re already shipping a package.)

Many backers have bumped up their pledges the few dollars to get the bacon which helps get us to the new $30K goal. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get delicious bacon for just a few dollars more. Check out the oven roasters and spit roasters too: Update #32.

The biggest way of bring the number higher is telling more people. Several people have contacted the media and some big names in cooking and journalism which has resulted in news stories like the one in Forbes, on VPR as well as loads of twitter and Facebook traffic. All of that is wonderful and greatly appreciated!

Let’s fund the abattoir too so we can bring on-farm slaughter home by winter!

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  1. Congratulations on your funding Walter!

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