New Rewards: Roaster Party Packages

On our Kickstarter Project several people have asked about getting suckling pigs, oven roasters and larger spit roastable pigs. The answer is yes, and the smaller sizes can ship and are even cookable in an oven making them wonderful for traditional Christmas dinners.

Check out the new rewards tiers I have added at the following levels:

$280 ~30 lb Oven Roaster Shippable

$335 ~45 lb Large Oven / Small Spit Roaster Shippable

$375 ~75 lbs Medium Spit Roaster – Not shippable, local pickup & delivery only

$580 ~125 lbs Medium Spit Roaster – Not shippable, local pickup & delivery only

In addition to the roaster pig itself each of these includes:

2 lbs of our all natural Hot Dogs

2 lbs of our delicious sausage

2 lbs of ground pork for making hamburgers

2 lbs of Bacon, ham or other cuts of pork at your preference

2 Goodie Combo Packs

Note that not all roasters are exact weight – after all, nature isn’t a factory producing identical plastic pigs. If yours comes out a under then we’ll add in some bonus meat.

Butterflying is available on all roasters – just ask for it.

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  1. Andrew Marquist says:

    Wow! Suckling pig! Here I come. My family for years and years had these for Christmas but we haven’t been able to source them recently.

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