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A Baker’s Dozen

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A Baker’s Dozen is thirteen items. I’ve read that this originated in the 13th century when bakers were threatened with the loss of a hand if they short changed a customer. So they threw in an extra to be safe.

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Butcher Shop Progress 20120530

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Admin Forms Wired, Intubated and Almost Ready We’re getting ready to do our next pour of concrete which will seal over the administration section of our on-farm butcher shop. This space will house the inspector’s office, bathroom, laundry, hall and … Continue reading

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Pigs in a Storm – Emergency Creep

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Four Sows and Piglets at Underhill I got a call from Holly who was on the road that she had heard on the radio that there were tornado, hail and flood warnings. We are up above potential flooding but there … Continue reading

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Kickstarting at the Bank

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Sugar Mountain Farm Display at Merchant’s Bank During our Kickstarter project for raising funds for the butcher shop construction we had setup displays around Vermont to let people know about what we were doing. This one is in the lobby … Continue reading

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