100% Funded Info-Graphic

100% Funded Cartoon Info-Graphic (Click to Zoom)

Ben and Hope have prepared another one of their colorful cartoon info-graphics to celebrate breaking through the $25,000 funding mark! Thank you, everyone!

Several people have asked, “What next?” “What will we do if we raise more than the $25,000?”

This is very good question… and an easy answer. We have divided the construction of our on-farm facility into phases to make it easier to do the construction, funding and get each stage smoothly operating before we tackle the next step.

The first step is getting the meat cutting (butchering) on-farm. Butchering costs us $150 to $200 per pig. Bringing it on-farm saves that money so we can put it towards building the next phase.

Any Kickstarter funding we get past our funding goal we will be able to use for the next step, the on-farm slaughter. Any that is available after that can go to the smokehouse so we can start doing bacon here on Sugar Mountain Farm.

Details tomorrow!

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5 Responses to 100% Funded Info-Graphic

  1. YEAH ! So thrilled for you Walter and family and love the graphics, especially the Irish in the corner !

  2. Rick Scully says:

    Congratulations to everyone! So excited for you all!

  3. Susan Lea says:

    I’m so happy for you! You deserve the encouragement!

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