94% Funded!

Ben and Hope have created a new cartoon info-graphic to show the progress on our Kickstarter the Butcher Shop project.

Outdoors: 39°F/25°F 1/2″ Snow
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/64°F

Daily Spark: It isn’t the time to market that matters so much as the cost to sustainable quality.

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2 Responses to 94% Funded!

  1. CarolG. says:

    Fantastic! Soon you folks will be fully funded and ready to move on the project.

    • Aye! It’s exciting. We just got snow last night so we’re still waiting for the concrete to warm up for our next pour. We have our form work for the pour almost completely ready. Maybe a week of final bits, adjustments and tightening and then we could pour. Almost all the ice has melted out.

      It is amazing how coooool the super insulated reefer section of the facility is staying. A reporter was visiting and she walked in the wide open doorway of the chiller and then the cutting room and commented on how cold it was in there despite it being a warm day in the 60’s outside. The super insulation and high thermal mass work wonders. This will cut our energy bill which is one of the highest costs of meat processing.

      So, right now while we wait for the structure warm to the point where we can pour we are working on fencing and planting. The pigs are out on the first pastures and loving it.

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