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We are at our mid-point on the Kickstarter project and have surpassed $19,000 $20,000!

We very much appreciate everything people have done to date including backing the project and getting the word out. Several people have asked what more they can do to help. The biggest thing is spreading the word and getting visibility so more people know about the project and the great meat shipped to their home which they can get by backing our project.

Kickstarter has a calculation they use for “Popularity” and they also have a “Staff Picks” page, newsletter and “In the News” that get projects onto a front pages and gives visibility. So, I do have a favor to ask:

1. Please go to our kickstarter page.

2. If you have not yet pressed the Like button on the left under the top photo of Big Pig then please press that to help spread the word.

3. Also under the Big Pig picture at the top is a tweet button. Please use that if you tweet and send out a message to your followers about our project.

4. If you have not yet pledged, please back our project and pledge a dollar (or more if you like). Pledges, even small ones, help with the popularity ranking on Kickstarter. Every little bit helps to move us towards our goal and make us more visible.

5. Tell your friends in the real world, via Facebook, Tweeting and on your blog about our project. Here is a short URL that is easy to give out:


Note that capitalization does not matter. The smf.me is the important part since most web browsers know to put the http:// in front. This tiny web link redirects to the much longer Kickstarter URL making it an easy way to spread the word.

The goal is to boost our popularity on Kickstarter which will boost our visibility which will boost pledges. Activity creates more visibility on the front pages of Kickstarter which means more people will see our project and hopefully back it too. Wednesday we’ll be interviewed on Vermont Public Radio’s program Vermont Edition and this extra visibility will help people who come from that show find to our Kickstarter page.

The cost is a dollar and a few minutes of your time. I hope that you can do this to help us jump to the next level of visibility for Kickstarting the Butcher Shop.

Thank you!


PS. After you have done this check out Update #16 and Update #21 for some games where you can win a free T-shirt or coffee mug with Sugar Mountain Farm artwork.

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