Ferret Faces

Hope, Luna & Sola

This winter we got ferrets again. They zip through tunnels in the walls of our house. Up in the loft they have a bedroom chamber. A tunnel leads down and out through the wall of the house to their outdoor space which includes their bathroom compost pile which makes caring for them easier. I am planning to add a drinking fountain to one of their tunnels.

Luna Prepared to Bounce

Luna above is doing her imitation of a pint sized fisher cat. She certainly looks the part. Or maybe she is a slinky. Ferrets are like a cross between springs and kittens that never grow up.

Outdoors: 72°F/35°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 71°F/67°F

Daily Spark: Never Strive to be Normal.

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2 Responses to Ferret Faces

  1. David lloyd sutton says:

    Walter, your description of ferrets makes them nigh-on irresistable. Any downsides (soiling, destruction, interference with the kitchen)? Do they assist in mouse elimination? I’ve never had the good fortune to meet one.

    • Ferrets have a bit of a musk smell, even with the scent glands removed, just as cats do. They are not generally free running in the house except during play time. The rest of the day they have their warren of tunnels in the walls. I imagine they would hunt mice if they could. The wild ermine outdoors do hunt, kill and eat rodents. Ermine are the wild equivelant of the ferrets – a bit smaller though.

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