Double Shirt Winner!

Ben and Hope’s new Cartoon Info-Graphic Update

We’ve shot past the 50% mark and now the $15,000 mark. Jon Meyer won not one but two, count them two, T-shirts in the Update #10, Game #1 Hit That Number on our Kickstarter project! Congratulations, Jon, for hitting both $15,000 and mystery number $15,500 with a single pledge!

Someone won not one but two T-shirts in our Kickstarter game. Seven more shirts, a mug and more still available. Check out update #10 for details!

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Daily Spark: Don’t read everything you believe.

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5 Responses to Double Shirt Winner!

  1. KC Compton says:

    Hi Walter —

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and visiting your website. I sent you an email regarding the possibility of blogging for Mother Earth News and would love to hear from you to provide details.

    Best of luck with your Kickstarter project.


    K.C. Compton, senior editor
    Mother Earth News

  2. twoo says:

    G’Day! Walter,
    Thanks for your thoughts, In the past five years, one casino game that has become a very popular tournament game is blackjack, or “21.” This game is particularly big with younger gamblers, people in their twenties and thirties, who’ve learned that there is a way of playing blackjack, a certain strategy involved, which makes it somewhat a game of skill. In tournaments the players compete with one another, as well as with the house (as in roulette, craps, etc.). Here’s how it works.
    Great Job!

  3. Kat says:

    How exciting!

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