Kicking It Forward

Kicking It Forward

You might have seen this on the bottom of our Kickstarter project page:

“We solemnly pledge 5% of the profits from the finished product back to the Kickstarter community and other innovative projects to help fund other people’s dreams.”

That is a promise we make to share the good karma and generosity shown to us. This isn’t 5% of the pledges but rather 5% of the profits from what we’ll make after our project is finished and profitable. The funds given to us by backers from this fund raising drive will go to making the butcher shop happen. Then when we’re up and profitable we promise to help other people make their Kickstarter dreams happen too. This leverages the power of crowd source funding and gives back to the community.

Why is this needed? Why is Kickstarter needed for that matter? Simple, banks and Wallstreet aren’t functioning to offer necessary capitalization to a great many small projects. I spent two years looking for a loan with banks and was almost universally told the same words, “We aren’t making loans to new or expanding businesses at this time.” Well, that sort of eliminates just about everybody.

Fortunately there are alternatives. There are people with vision such as our own customers who offered support through buying CSA Pre-Buys, customers and friends who have given us loan and local businesses such as a local lumber company and the farmer who we buy hay from who extended us very generous terms to help with the costs of materials to make the Butcher Shop a reality. This all combined with every penny of our savings and all of our cash flow above bare expenses has kept our project moving forward. Kickstarting the Butcher Shop provides another boost for equipment costs as we come into the home stretch.

Kicking It Forward is a great idea. It’s along the same lines as presented in the movie Pay It Forward. It won’t always work. It won’t always work like you think. But if it works enough of the time, sometimes in unexpected ways, it can make a larger difference. I hand been thinking about doing something like this when I saw the KickingItForward web page. Find out more about KickingItForward at and tell other people.

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6 Responses to Kicking It Forward

  1. Karl says:

    wow, that is a huge commitment.

    • Yes, but not too huge. That’s 5% of the profits. Profits are what come after we have paid the expenses of the business so it is 5% of the Net rather than Gross which makes it manageable. I had been thinking about this and wanting to do something like it when I stumbled on Brian Fargo’s web page.

  2. Interestingly, Kickstarter has sent take down notices to people showing the KickingItForward logo on their Kickstarter project pages as they say it will cause confusion.

  3. Jeff says:

    It’s too bad you can’t return 5% of the profits to the people that funded you. That would make a lot more sense to me.

    • Thank our government for that – in the past it has been illegal for Kickstarter to be that sort of investment offering. However this may be changing.

      Or, just run a cool Kickstarter project and get funded.

      And you could get that sort of return if you were one of the people who lent us money as we’ve been paying about 6% to family and friends who loaned us money to help with our project.

      Lots of options. So how much did you pledge. If you haven’t yet, now’s the time. Check out Update #10.

  4. Interestingly, I got a letter from Kickstarter staff asking me to remove the KickingItForward logo from the Kickstarter project page, which I have done. This doesn’t change our personal commitment to help others as we too have been helped.

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