Hope in the Times Argus

Hope and Walter with Grower Pigs in the Times Argus

Hope, age 8, above has a job of petting piglets every day. This routine tames them so that they learn to like being around people. It is an important part of domestication of farm animals. Doing this makes them easier to handle and herd.

We appeared in Monday’s edition of the Times Argus newspaper on the front page in the feature article about our ‘Kickstarting’ our new butcher shop. The article was written by reporter Daniel Staple with photos by staff photographer Jeb Wallace-Brodeur who came out for a visit at our farm on the previous Friday. Apparently Jeb had previously photographed Cole Ward, the master butcher we apprenticed with for 18 months to learn commercial meat cutting. It’s a small world!

As of Friday morning, Jeffries’ proposal had 107 backers, for a total of $9,949 in pledges towards his $25,000 goal. The drive for backers continues until May 15. The project will only be funded if at least $25,000 is pledged by the deadline.

“It’s been amazing. It’s totally surprising,” said Jeffries. “You have that moment when you push that launch button and ask, ‘Is this really going to work?’”
“(Kickstarter) has its advantages,” said Jeffries. “I like it because rather than taking out a loan, we’re selling future product.”

Check out our News page in the menu bar for other articles that have appeared about our farm.

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3 Responses to Hope in the Times Argus

  1. Peter F Jeffries says:

    Nice picture of a nice article. Do you offer bacon as a reward?

  2. Bacon is here! Or bacon reward levels I should say. Check out:

    Update #16

    and see the new reward levels at:

    Kickstarting the Butcher Shop



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