Guide to Financing

Cover and Inner Page of Financial Guide

While I was idle this year I worked on a writing project with Ben Waterman and other folks at the University of Vermont which has come out with a publication “Guide to Financing the Community Supported Farm: Ways for Farms to Acquire Capital Within Communities”. Yours truly is a co-author and photographer for it. I wrote about our experience with the CSA Pre-Buys which have been a big help in funding our on-farm butcher shop construction project. In addition to writing a section, I also took a lot of the photographs that are in it.

Unfortunately, the writing was all done before we did our Kickstarting the Butcher Shop project so that is not included in the book. At some point I’ll write up my notes on Kickstarter.

Happy Easter!

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  1. Louisa says:

    Wait a minute… “While I was idle”?! Tell us the truth Walter, have you been cloned? Are you really a committee? Between being a husband, father, leader-of-the-dog-pack, house designer & builder, farmer, steward of your land, awesome blogger, and that’s before we even touch the entire butchershop project, I’m beginning to wonder if you ever sleep. And now a writing project! I think one of the labels you are most worthy of is generous teacher.

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