$10,000 level broken!

Barre Granite Museum

Whit Carter has just pushed us up over the $10,000 funding level at our Kickstart the Butcher Shop project! That means we’re 40% funded at the one week mark! Congrats to Whit who unknowingly won a T-shirt! What other prize levels do I have in mind you might ask… Special numbers, round numbers, spiky numbers, prime numbers… Ah, the possibilities!

Thanks to everyone who has helped get us there. Ben is working on a new cartoon info-graphic to go with these breath taking heights as the graph soars higher.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, a photographer from the local Times Argus newspaper was here to get pictures for a story they’re running. We had great weather and the pigs were posing out in the pasture for him. Yes, we actually have some green grass starting to show up! Wah-hooie! Or as the pigs are saying, Grunt!

Daily Spark: Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a Rain dance. -Anon

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