Pumped High

Concrete Pump Truck doing Reefer Fall 2011

The ceilings of our facility are masonry. In fact, they’re ferro-cement. There is a lot of wire up there and concrete with very fine aggregate plus fiber. All this was poured on top of arched forms such that when we drop the forms from the inside, like we did with our cottage, we’ll end up with curved ceilings. This optimizes the strength while minimizing the use of materials. It takes a little more design, engineering and fancier form work than just building rectangular boxes but it is worth it. Besides, its pretty and fun.

The snow is melted off the mountain and the ice is receding. Soon we’ll start cranking on forms to get ready for pouring more concrete.

Outdoors: 40°F/26°F 1/2″ Snow, Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 69°F/67°F

Daily Spark: I only eat things that have faces. Which pretty much eliminates all vegetables. Except pumpkins. -Faceless Critic in the NYTimes

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