Launched! Kickstarting the Butcher Shop

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We’re off and running. This morning Hope pressed the green Launch button on Kickstarter’s web site sending our project soaring off into the wilds of the Internet. Last night I had worked on polishing the video and early this morning I woke to do a little more touch up on the project description and reward tiers. There are prizes for every level, from $5 High-Five and good Karma to the $10,000 Patron Supreme. At the 12-hour mark as I go to bed now the project already has 32 backers and has broken $3,000 and 12% of funding towards our goal of $25,000.

Check it out and spread the word. Let’s make a big splash that will get noticed by the Kickstarter staff so they put us on their Staff Picks page and Popular page!

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3 Responses to Launched! Kickstarting the Butcher Shop

  1. That is great! I hope that your followers can help you get the butcher shop finished.

  2. Thats great. I hope that your followers can help get your butcher shop up and running sooner than planned.

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