Fight Big Corp – Eat More Kale!

Don’t let the big bad corp’s take over the world. Fight back by eating more kale! Or at least by backing the exposition of greed that this defiant dude is filming. Check out this Kickstarter project.

What is Kickstarter you ask? It’s a way of backing projects you believe in. A way of raising funds to do interesting things. A means of bringing together people to make stuff happen. Kickstarting a project gives funds to produce something, if, and only if, the project is fully funded by backers like you. You can donate a dollar, $25, $100 or all the way up to $10,000. Give what you feel comfortable giving to the projects you want to support.

So head on over to check out how it works.

Pledge early, pledge often, pledge hard!

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  1. Baruch says:

    Coming up on Paradigms, two “David & Goliath” stories, one which worked out well and one which is in process. Vermont’s own Rock Art Brewery prevailed when Hansen’s Natural stopped their trademark infringement complaint over the name of a beer, The Vermonster. Matt Nadeau of Rock Art is on the show this week. Bo Muller-Moore, the Eat More Kale guy, is currently being targeted by Chik Fil A. Bo is on the show discussing what’s happening. Great music as always including a new tune from Bobby Treasure! Sunday April 8, 2012 at 8 PM Eastern on Wkbm Dot Org and at

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