Blue Sky Chimney Cap

Chimney Cap on Deep Blue Sky

We’ve been having some gorgeous blue sky days. Cold nights will do that. Every morning there is a fresh ‘snow dew’ of another inch or so coating our world in a clean white layer. The sky above is a deep, rich blue for contrast with the grey trees of the mountains.

The photo shows our new chimney cap which we installed this past fall. It works really well to block the wind from coming down the chimney. Highly recommended.

With all of this sunny weather we’ve burned little wood despite the cold. When we get sun it warms the cottage and the masonry stores the energy keep the house from overheating. It takes about three days or so for the cottage to cool much so that tends to tide us over the cloudy spells.

I dream of what span I might be able to breach if I had more thermal mass rather than the mere 100,000 lbs of the cottage. The butcher shop is many times that, and far better insulated. How far into summer will I carry winter???

Outdoors: 17°F/5°F Sunny, Windy
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/65°F

Daily Spark: Government doesn’t marry you. It dates you a few times and you think it’s all right. But then it starts to get a little too comfy and things get weird. You try to break up with government but you get in a huge fight. Finally government seems to go away, but it starts stalking you – watching your every move, collecting little pieces of your stuff, showing up at places when you’re out with friends, peeking in your windows. Then one day it just freaks out and tries to kill you, because if government can’t have you, no-one can. ~J. Madden

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6 Responses to Blue Sky Chimney Cap

  1. eggyknap says:

    I’m jealous. Our new (to us) house is huge and leaky, and the chimney from the main wood stove heads pretty much straight out the wall. One of this year’s projects is to modify the chimney to follow the slope of the ceiling for several feet, allowing that much more time for chimney gasses to give up their heat to the house, rather than the outside world. Another project is to determine how to insulate an inaccessible crawl space…

    • Your house sounds like our old farm house down the hill. We spent years trying to get it tight and warm but realized it was a losing battle that was going to cost far too much. Ergo, our tiny cotttage which is not just wind tight but mouse tight.

      I did find, in both houses, that it is important to control the incoming air flow. Installing earth air tubes dramatically helps as it allows a controlled inflow of air that is preheated by the earth.

  2. holly says:

    Hey, there is a beautiful heart in your chimney photo! Happy Valentines Day, sweetie.

  3. Nance says:

    Happy Valentines Day, Holly and Walt! Himself and I had a grocery store for about 10 years. We tried to figure out how to store the Iowa summer heat in the canned goods and carry it over to winter. However, it was all backwards. We never learned how to benefit from that. So the canned goods stored heat in the summer . . . and was all gone come winter.

  4. Burt says:

    Nice photo! Thanks for posting.

  5. chimneycowl says:

    nice chimney

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