Monkey’s Paw Magnetic Latch

New Bathroom Door Latch

I love magnets. They are so useful for so many things. We have loads of super magnets in our house to hang things up, snap hinges open or closed, act as water valves and all sorts of other things.

In the bathroom we have a curtain rather than a door because a swinging door takes up too much space in our tiny cottage. I had come up with all sorts of ideas for sliding, pocket, bi-folding and other forms of making solid doors but in the end decided on a simple curtain. It works great and you can put it in the washer. That makes house cleaning easier. Hard to do with a rigid door…

Magnetic Latch Detail

For a while I had a magnet sewn into the curtain but that was hard for Hope to operate and it put a limit on how high the curtain could be set. My solution was a string that lifts the curtain’s magnet to the bar where another magnet grabs it.

Curtain Down

To release the curtain you can either simply pull it down or just jerk the string and it falls down into place over the doorway. Simple, easy and effective. This way the curtain can be high to reveal my pretty arch work and allow air to flow easily around the house.

Monkey’s Paw Knot

Once I had made it, with ugly orange string, functionalist that I am, we changed it out for a white rope and wove a cool monkey’s paw knot handle at the end at the end of my rope. You know what they say when you get to the end of your rope… Tight a knot and hang on.

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2 Responses to Monkey’s Paw Magnetic Latch

  1. David says:

    Inventive :) I didn’t know you’d done wood for the roof over the bathroom. Any reason for that instead of doing another concrete ceiling like the bedroom?

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