Winter Shoats

Thriving Winter Shoats

These are some of the shoats, young pigs, that came out of Blackie, Oreo and Double-Stuff early this winter. They have no memory of green pastures as they were born into the Vermont mountain winter. Snows came before them. They live on ice pack and play in the snow. Hay, stored summer, is their pasture. A year is twice the life time of the average pig. In a few months we’ll move into Helliconia Spring and the new pigs will learn the color green.

Behind the shoats you can see the north home field, the stone wall dividing to the north field and then Sugar Mountain below a blue sky day.

Outdoors: 31°F/0°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 63°F/57°F No fire

Daily Spark: All grass and clover makes Jill a very dull swill.

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2 Responses to Winter Shoats

  1. Jane Everette says:

    I love bacon but how can you stand to raise up those cute little pigs and then make the bacon? I’m glad you do it since I could never do it. I get your pork at City Market Coop in Burlington Vermont. Delicious! By the by thank you for provideing small packages. I live alone so those big packages that most come in are too much for me. Your half pound sausage is just right.

    • They are very cute at this age. We call it the maximum cuteness stage. It hooks right into our brain with the right patterns. But by the time they’re 150 to 300 lbs they’ve lost that cuteness factor. See what goose has to say. :)

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