Ferrets Again!

Luna & Sola

We have ferrets again! The first ferrets we had came to us as older adults in November of 2008 and lived until 2011. In ferret years that made them quite old. We missed them a lot and have been thinking for a long time about getting more ferrets. They are like slinkies with the personalities of perpetual kittens.

Hope and Ben have been saving their money for a long time since their previous ferrets had died of old age. After Christmas they bought one ferret and I bought another to go with it. We were all setup for them since we have a warren of tunnels built into the walls of our house that allows the ferrets to go from the upstairs to the ground floor and outdoors to their bathroom. Think giant ferret habitat made from 65 gallon drums and 4″ piping. They love it and quickly learned the routes.

Head over to Hope’s blog to see her new post about the ferrets that just arrived.

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5 Responses to Ferrets Again!

  1. Pablo says:

    But don’t they stink?

    • Ferrets do have a distinctive odor just like having a cat, dog or pet human. However it isn’t strong and I built our house to deal with odors through ventilation. They have had their scent glands removed when they were spayed (they’re both females) so the odor is pretty minimal. Also, they’re trained to use their bathroom that is outdoors on a compost pile rather than pooping in the house. Luna and Sola are only ten weeks old and they’re almost fully bathroom trained. Having the tubes that let them choose to move around freely to their various rooms within and outside our house makes this work well.

  2. Lorie says:

    Oh my, so cute. I had an albino ferret when I was in college- he was a dream pet. Used the litter box and played with toys incessantly. He died in my arms of pancreatic cancer as an old, old man. I still miss him!

  3. Jane Everette says:

    Oooo so cute!

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