Shadow of Hope

Shadow of Hope

I caught a shadow of Hope on the wall of our bedroom. Hope is our daughter. The wall is dry stacked, core poured, steel reinforced concrete block in our tiny cottage. This is a spot in the bedroom where we have not yet done the interior plaster parge so you can still see the structural wall. This was the largest block project we had done to date and I am impressed with the very good job we did of getting the walls straight and flush. It is smooth to the touch. I also like how well Hope turned out. W do good work.

Outdoors: 22°F/-9°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 67°F/63°F

Daily Spark: “Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.” -Ozzy Osborne

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4 Responses to Shadow of Hope

  1. J Jaeger says:

    What a nice portrait of your girl :). Very cool. My granddaughter discovered shadows last summer and she likes to play with them.

    About the walls in your tiny cottage and parging them – how important is the parging? For insulation value? For looks? For comfort?

    Jennifer in western NC

    • The parge is primarily a looks thing. We’ve done some of the walls but not all of them yet for a few reasons:

      1) We wanted to move out of the old farm house and into our much nicer cottage. Even without the parge on the walls it is far nicer to live here.

      2) I wanted to test out different techniques for doing the parging. Thus there are spots around the cottage done with different chemistries and different application methods.

      3) I wanted to watch how the parging aged. If I had just gone ahead and done it all from the beginning I would not do as good a job.

      I’ve done lots of sheet rocking but this was different since I was plastering the entire wall. Getting a chance to see how it ages and how different techniques and formulations look years later means I can do better. I’m patient.

      The parge does help hold dry stacked blocks together, except we core poured them so that aspect isn’t necessary. It also helps to seal them but our outer sealing of insulation covered with a half inch of parge took care of that. The cottage is very tight – no drafts! I love that. The old farm house was incredibly drafty even after years of patching it.

  2. J Jaeger says:

    Thanks for that, Walter. The more I read about constructing your own home, the more I see how much planning, practice and patience are required. Jennifer in western NC

  3. I like the picture, Walter. Something clever could be said about “shadow of hope,” but I can’t think of anything.

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