Blacking Out the Internet

Stop the Stupidity.
Feel free to steal this graphic, this text, this post to help protest SOPA/PIPA!
Blackout your blog and web site. Spread the word.

Now is the time for all good netizens to fight back against censorship while you still have the ability to protest stupid laws.

“Blacking Out the Internet” What does that mean? Well, you know those classified documents the government gives out where all the interesting stuff has been blacked out? Imagine if the Internet looked like that. Imagine if without due process anyone, make that governments and big business, could take down web sites if they didn’t like what was being said. Forget honest reviews of products. Forget being able to discuss politics. Religion? No way. How-to information that lets you do things yourself rather than paying big bucks to Big Corps? That can’t be allowed as it cuts into their profits!

If SOPA/PIPA and other stupid censorship laws are allowed to become the rules of the road then I won’t be able to tell you about XXXXXXXXXXXX and how to XXXXXXXXXXX or make your own XXXXXXXXXX while saving money by XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Oops! Looks like the censorship has already started!

Congress is foisting this on us under the guise of protecting intellectual property rights but what they are doing is a clear violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Due process is being thrown out the door to feed the greed of the corporate giants who bribe our elected leaders.

Supporters of SOPA/PIPA are doling out some serious cash to bribe Congressional members. Our Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy received $1,321,560 from the proponents of these bills according to OpenCongress. I have corresponded with him about this and he is a strong supporter of SOPA/PIPA – no wonder! With a serious bribe like that maybe I would support these bills too! Hey! SOPA/PIPA people! You can send my million dollars to my PayPal address. Anyone else here want a million dollars? Check out the list of supporters who are passing out bribes as documented at OpenCongress.[1, 2] Also look at the list of people who got bribes. Did you get yours? Why not? If our Congressional representatives are getting millions of dollars in bribes shouldn’t the other 99% of us get our bribes too?!? Speak now while you still have the right to question.

If you value your rights to freedom of speech and the power of the Internet then fight back now!

Tell your Congressional Critters to block SOPA/PIPA Internet Censorship.
Write your:

Also contact President Obama at the White House who has shown indications of possibly opposing these bills. Let him know you care and you want him to kill bill.

Dear Mr. President,

Please kill bills SOPA and PIPA because they would destroy due process, violation the Constitution and Bill of Rights and hurt the growth of the Internet. These bills will not stop piracy nor protect intellectual property rights. They are based on greed. We already have laws in place to deal with all of these issues. SOPA/PIPA is not needed.


-Walter Jeffries

For more information and to see other protests visit:
Wiki, Google, Amazon, WordPress, WordPress Planet, American Censorship, YouTube, CraigsList, Reddit,, SeaOnTheMount,,,, TechDirt, Internet Archive, Musician Peter Gabriel,

Want to be added to that list? Put up this graphic and page on your site (simply redirect if you know how) or something similar and email me the URL of your page. Spread the word. Shout it out. Oppose censorship while you still have the tools.

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Daily Sparks:
All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. -Thomas Jefferson

Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. -C.S. Lewis

Tomorrow we will return to our regularly scheduled programming, provided the Internet still exists.

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4 Responses to Blacking Out the Internet

  1. David B. says:

    I’m glad google and wikipedia got in on the protest, it just astounds me how we can continue to have a government run by politicians in big corporations pockets.

    • Do be sure to call your Congressional Critters and offer appropriate bribes. If that doesn’t work, go with blackmail. It seems they all have something to hide, such as taking bribes from Big Corps. That should be useful.

  2. Thank you to everyone who wrote, called, emailed and visited their representatives to protest these bills. They heard your voices and the protest was a resounding success. Be ever watchful to protect our rights and liberties from the greed of those who would steal them.

  3. Sherman Acres says:

    The fall out is already happening from this U.S. law idear. Companies outside the U.S. are already blocking U.S. users. U.S. citizens are going to lose out because of theyir hypocritical government officials.

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