Stop Stupid Laws

Some Big Businesses are trying to use Congress to gag people without due process. The acronym for the bills are PIPA and SOPA but I propose we just combine them into one called STUPIDITY which is the direction our government is going.

Incase you live in some hole in the rock (like I do) and are not tuned into this (I am) there has been a preposterous pair of pretty paranoid “piracy” proposals presented to Congress which are fundamental violations of the Constitution.

*Yawn* Yes, I realize, that is nothing new. Congress is always up to something where they steal away more of our basic rights and trample the founding principles of our country. Still, please, take a moment to pay attention to this one and Stop the Stupidity.

Do you like censorship?


Then on January 18th protest SOPA/PIPA bills in Congress by blacking out the Internet if you have a blog or web page.

For more info visit: Help Stop SOPA & PIPA

If STUPIDITY has it’s way and becomes the law of the land then the web and freedom of information will be destroyed. Yes, it really is that serious. And no, don’t believe the nice acronym they are using to cloak their evil.

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Daily Spark: Totalitarian despotism is decidedly despicable.

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7 Responses to STOP STUPIDITY

  1. Scrapple says:

    Couldn’t agree more. This is serious business and far more impactful than we are being led to believe. Thanks for posting this and the link to petition against it.

  2. Sirani says:

    I wish they would outlaw stupidity so that only outlaws would be stupid. Sadly our congress is keetowing to the big corp interestests once again.

    Write your reps and let them know you care and matter. You vote. Corps dont.

  3. Mr Dirty Nails says:

    In addition, perhaps you have heard about the forthcoming addition of more top level domains(TLD) that will be joining .com, .net, .org, .gov, etc. Part n parcel of those addition TLD’s will be the ability for icann to charge whatever they like for a TLD, there will be price ceiling as there is at present. Meaning, in due course, the cost of obtaining access to the internet will likely become a more costly affair in this among several related areas.

    Point being there are more than two prongs present which will limit free speech and independent reportage, such as

    Thank you for your continued efforts Walter.


  4. Terry Hardy says:

    Hi Walter,

    I hope that you are watching the GOP primaries, there is a man that stands against all of this STUPIDITY. Liberty for all!
    I hope that you and your readership will be supporting this man. He stands above the rest, with a message that has stood the test of time.

    Thank you,

  5. Simon says:

    Well, they got scared with this bill, but have you seen ACTA was signed by Obama in 2011.

    • Aye, ACTA is nasty redux. I’m hoping that the public outcry against SOPA/PIPA is going to translate over to awareness of ACTA and changes there. Next stop, DMCA. That needs killing too.

      • Simon says:

        Maybe that should be the rule for government in general. If it requires an acronym it is automatically dismissed as legislation, and most regulation is not legislated by congress so that is already unconstitutional. Wow, we really have let this go way to long.

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