Cheap Mobile Slaughter Unit For Sale

Vermont’s Mobile Poultry Slaughter Unit at Auction

The state of Vermont build a mobile poultry slaughter unit at a cost of $93,000 back in 2008. That unit is up for auction with a price of $7,600 and no reserve. The auction ends January 13, 2012 at 6:18 PM EST.

This is your chance to get a nearly brand new, stainless steel, USDA/State inspect-able, fully outfitted poultry slaughter unit for 8¢ on the dollar. It comes complete with a very nice stainless steel scalder and plucker. You can see the interior at the links below.

I hope that someone will buy this for use ideally in Vermont rather than it getting sold as junk. Unfortunately it is being sold in an out-of-state auction in New York and may vanish from the Vermont agricultural landscape, perhaps just going for the scrap metal – it’s filled with valuable stainless steel.

We don’t process poultry for sale or I would snap this up. It is an incredible deal.

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Update: The Winner!
As of 2013-01-26 I still have not heard of either this unit going back into service nor of the other proposed unit being placed in service. I just called the farm that had bought the mobile unit but the phone number has been disconnected. If you know more please let me know so I can update this.

That funny looking box of dots in the lower right corner of the photo is called a QR Code. I’m testing out using it. If you point your iPodTouch, iPad or phone with a camera and appropriate software on it at that it should scan the QR Code and take you to the web page for the auction. Let me know if that works.

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11 Responses to Cheap Mobile Slaughter Unit For Sale

  1. Tom Y says:

    Wonder why it is being sold? Was the project a failure?

    • I’m a bit puzzled by this too. I have asked the people at the Vermont Agency of Agriculture and they said that it was a successful test pilot project of the concept. At issue seems to be that they can’t find anyone who wants to run the unit for them. What seems strange is that they are giving up on it instead of waiting for the right person to come along. The way it is being sold I fear it will just be scrapped. Sad.

  2. Anna Lee says:

    Works for me. I mean the qr thing with my phone. I’ve never tried one off a screen before. Shame on VT for selling this after spending all that money on it. What a waste and loss for the tax payers and local farmers. To bad it failed.

  3. whit says:

    QR works on my iphone. Had to download the Ap QR reader for free. Sad that this might go to scrap!

  4. Jess says:

    Dam that is a crime against the tax payers.

  5. Brian Martin says:

    I remember when they thought up this idea. It was a good idea but not an affordable,in my opinion, one. Now that the plant is going to be sold at a reasonable price maybe a person could make a buck with it and not have to charge all out doors to process a bird. I forgot what they were charging to process a bird but it seemed pretty pricey to me. I used to raise a couple dozen turkeys and 50 meat chickens a year for myself and sold a few to help pay for mine. I was bringing them to a guy in Craftsbury for processing but he at the end was getting 3.00 to do a chicken and 7.50 for a turkey. That kinda took the fun out of it. So I built my own scalder and plucker! Copied the Whizzbang models by Herrick Kimball modified them a bit and made them all out of aluminum. They worked Excellent. I wonder if my Ex still has them?

  6. mellifera says:

    Chelsea Green’s all over it.

    They’re going to turn it into a combo poultry processor/bookmobile. “We Chop, You Shop.”

  7. Jeremy Merritt says:

    I doubt that CG is actually going to buy that thing. I got out of the business a while ago, but if I was still doing this, I would snatch that thing up. I’ll send it on to my buddy who raises a lot of birds.

  8. mellifera says:

    Turns out they were kidding. : P Well, at least if they’re talking about it then that means there’s good publicity, right?

    Chelsea Green is my favorite publisher– haven’t found anybody else who can do green living AND get their science straight. I’m tossing around the idea of putting together a how-to book on farmstead dairy & processing, since I want to do that and it’s a good way to do your homework before starting a business and get paid for your research time. ; ) CG would be the obvious place to go for a publisher.

  9. The unit sold to “BeefMan” for $61,000. That price and the userID give me hope that this was not for scrap. Now I just hope that it stays in Vermont and is available to Vermont farmers.

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