Wolf Moon

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Tonight is the Wolf Moon. Our pack was just howling away the coyotes under the full moon. We have little problem with predators because we have Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) who protect our animals. They literally eat the competition for dinner.

It is gang warfare. Who’s pack is bigger matters, a lot. A single dog is just a sentry. Even two dogs can be put to the test by a pack of coyotes or wolves who lure them apart. A minimum of two are need for handling bears and three to keep back the lions. To properly handle the marauding predators who would eat our livestock a larger pack does just the trick.

Katya’s Pretty Face

When she’s not making fang faces Katya is quite pretty. That gentle look hides the raging warrior princess who keeps predators at bay. Ironically, although she’s the second smallest in the pack she has a very dominant personality. It is almost like she is her aunt Kita reincarnated in a much smaller body. They even look remarkably similar although Kita was a giant for a female.

So tonight, we listen to them sing under the full Wolf Moon. Our pack and the coyote pack howling back and forth at each other across the valley. The coyotes were passing through and won’t stay here where they’re not welcome. They know our pack’s territory and are careful to stay to the ridges on the other side of the valley. Normally voice alone is all it takes to settle things diplomatically.

Outdoors: 27°F/15°F Mostly Cloudy
Tiny Cottage: 67°F/65°F

Daily Spark: Being part of a pack means always having a pillow.

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3 Responses to Wolf Moon

  1. David B says:

    Beautiful dog and story. I hope to have my own small pack someday out in the country.

  2. Jan says:

    Oooooo! That is so earie! What a beautiful jewel in the night and I wouldn’t want to mess with the teeth behind it!! She is a lovely dog!

  3. Helen says:

    What a beautiful dog and what a wonderful earie shot. How appropriate the wolf moon!

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