Better Gate Pin

Better Bottom Gate Pin

The bottom pin of our front gate takes a lot of force and ends up turning sideways which drops the gate out. Bother. Or it used to be. Will welded on some rebar to make outriggers so now we have a trimaran gate pin which does not twist out of place. It is much stronger and easily holds the force of the swinging gate in our stone pillars.

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2 Responses to Better Gate Pin

  1. Leon says:

    Ah, fellow RSDAC* grad I see…. :))

    How do you attach it to the pillar?

    *RSDAC – Redneck School of Design, Architecture and Construction

    • Hammerdrill! Originally we had put in just one hole for that pin but it kept spinning in the hole even after carefully epoxying it. Normally epoxy works quite well for things like this but the force from the gate is too much. To make the trimaran gate pin sit in place we drilled two more holes, for the outriggers, and then put it in. We set the holes such that the spring in the outriggers locked it in place. I was intending to epoxy it but it has held so well without epoxy that it has not gotten that added bit of work, yet. When I have nothing else to do I’ll epoxy it. :)

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