Money Laundering

Washer and Drier

As we prepare to open our butcher shop we have been gradually accumulating equipment, building materials and supplies as we see super good deals. Sales like this have saved us thousands of dollars. This is one way that we are able to keep our project on budget.[1, 2]

This high temperature steam washer and drier set is a type I had my eye on for a long time. We must provide laundry service for the USDA inspector as well as ourselves for our cloths we use working in the facility. The clothing we wear in the facility needs to be very clean. The sanitizing cycle will help there. These stack so they’ll take up minimal space in our tiny nano-scale meat processing facility.

In the end, with the starting sale, additional discount we negotiated, rebate and energy credit we paid much less than half. That’s a good deal, a fantastic deal. I had anticipated spending well over $2K. We’re not ready to set up the washer and drier yet so they sit in storage for now. I like taking my time to buy things rather than doing it in an emergency. Rush-rush-rush costs extra.

It was suggested that the reason these were so steeply discounted was the horrible color. I’ll be politically correctly color blind and look the other way as I wash out the blood. For a savings of this much I don’t really care about the exterior color. Functionality and cost savings win.

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11 Responses to Money Laundering

  1. Edgwick Farm says:

    We did the same thing for our microdairy & creamery where we make farmstead goat cheese, buying used equipment as it came up for sale and storing in various farm sheds, long before the first concrete block was ever laid. It made all the difference in our budget but there was a bit of anxiety once everything was installed whether the equipment would actually work. Thank goodness it all did!

  2. Tom Y says:

    Speaking of USDA inspectors…what will it cost to have one of those people on site?

    • The cost for inspection is indirect. We’re not allowed to pay the inspector’s salary, bribe them or otherwise hold any monetary influence over them. This is designed to prevent conflict of interest so that the inspector works for the public rather than the plant owner. We can’t even buy them a cup of coffee as one inspector explained.

      Rather the costs of inspection are indirect: we pay our taxes, licensing fees, regulatory fees, required testing, the cost of building to the USDA requirements, providing them with the required office and bathroom space as well as laundry services.

      I haven’t sat down and broken USDA inspector’s cost out from everything else as it gets complicated.

  3. Adrianna says:

    Hey nice washer, dryer. I have a front load washer, I have one important suggestion. I was never made aware that if you keep the washer door closed after using it there is a bad mildew issue. I love the savings in water and how clean it gets things but, keep the door ajar after every load.

    • Thanks for the reminder of that issue. We had a Thor front loading washer/drier combo for a long time. It was very sparse in its water usage and I liked that. The “drier” part of it never did all that well but hanging the highly spun cloths over the woodstove worked.

  4. mellifera says:

    That’s funny, we were on our way through Sears a while ago and noticed the bright-red appliances were the most expensive. That was a couple years ago though– I guess housewives with midlife crises have decided they’d rather get a boyfriend than a racecar-colored washer & dryer? : )

  5. Peter says:

    Hope you save those receipts. Gotta remember your depreciation allowances you know. :-)

  6. Dawn says:

    I love the red color…but then I love color in general. Natures browns make me feel bla…my exterior of my house I painted a black cherry (looks more like a maroon color to me) color and the trim is ice blue. My daughters room is a blueish purple color with bright white trim and ceiling. Every house in the neighbor hood was a desert brown color.
    Shortly after I painted mine the deep maroon color a house down the road was painted a Yale Blue color with white trim…then another was painted a Teal color with white trim…funny how this happens even in the country.

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