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Guarding Your Domain

Kimsa guarding her Domain This is just a tech tip post. Photo above for those who are not interested. If you have a business then buy a domain to go with it. The domain gives you a short link, a … Continue reading

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Knuckle Dice

Pig Knuckle Bones – Original Dice Knuckle bones were perhaps the original dice, thrown to divine the will of the gods. Or maybe that’s just a good excuse for gambling.

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When Pigs Fly

Charlie Sow Jumping Gate When pigs are properly motivated they can jump quite well, not even touching the hurdle as Charlie demonstrates above. Their leaping height is not as great as a dog’s but still fairly respectable given the pig’s … Continue reading

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Got Glazed

Glazed Cherry Yesterday and this morning we woke up to a fresh glaze of ice on our world. Everything was sparkly. I’m very glad that this ice storm was not as bad as the ice storm of 1998 when we … Continue reading

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