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Goodfellows Jewelry in Barre

Barre is a small town by most standards with a population of almost 10,000 but to us it is the local city. It has enough people to actually support a lot of interesting local stores that I’m surprised to find, places I would think would require a larger population. I am always amused by the name of this jewelry store. It makes me think “Mob” with a capital em. Not that they look like mobsters or there is any indication that they are, it’s just the name.

Off to the left is an ancient device that older readers might remember from their childhood, but you would have to be very old. It was based on magic, back when the boxes still functioned. You would put a piece of paper in one of these boxes and then it would pop out somewhere else, could be thousands of miles away or just across town, all for only 44¢ or less. It is rumored that gnomes ran an underground system of tunnels that zipped the parcels around. Others claimed that it was done by elves as part of Santa’s organization. My bet is he and the Mob are somehow connected. After all, look at the juxtoposition of the ‘mailbox’ and the store.

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Tiny Cottage: 2°F/55°F

Daily Spark: I am an Angel! The horns are just to hold up my haleo. -Bumper Sticker Seen

15 thoughts on “Good Fellows

  1. I love your pictures!! I’m also writing because I saw your advice about how to set top and bottom margins in TextEdit on the mac. But I can’t figure out where to paste all that coding you took the time to convey.

    Thanks for any info.

    • Create a new document in TextEdit.
      Save the document.
      Close the document.
      Open the document using the TextEdit File Open command.
      Check the box for “Ignore rich text commands.”
      Voila, now you can edit the code, paste in new code, etc.
      After you’re done modifying the code do a Save.
      Close the document.
      Reopen the document but this time leave the “ignore rich text commands” unchecked.
      Now the file will open up like normal but with your new custom margins.
      If you save that document as something like “Margins Half Inch” you can open it when you want to start out that way and then immediately Save As to your new working document name.
      Have fun hacking.

      • Thank you, Walter, for the additional instructions. I was all ready to hack, but there’s no box I can see with an option “Ignore rich text commands.” I have TextEdit 1.7, which I think is the latest version. ? Thanks.

        • Hmm… That’s interesting. I have TextEdit version 1.4 since I use MacOSX 10.4.11 Tiger on an older computer. It would be most unfortunate if they’ve removed a feature. If you can’t do it with TextEdit then another pure text editing program would do the trick. I have the old version of BBEdit and I think there is a free version of that. Check the preferences in TextEdit and see if you find something there that will let you do it…

    • Yes, Walter, the TextEdit apparently has been changed to remove all possibility of altering those huge top and bottom margins. Isn’t that what happens whenever something works well?! They change the new model. Of course.

      I am enjoying the comments at your site!! Also, I much enjoyed reading about your dogs — I am a dog person ;-); and plan to read about the other animals too. I’m a city-folk and it makes me feel good even to read about your farm.

      Thanks again!

  2. Definitely a mob front! As you said, the town is too small, plus a jewelry/diamond shop? Good excuse to have lots of cash on hand…

    Seriously though, I do love small towns and hope to live near one once I can save up enough to buy a farm. Our costs are fairly small so as long as I owned the land we could semi-retire and just raise some animals to pay the smaller bills, especially if I can build a house like yours, so I don’t have huge heating bills!

    • Oh, my gosh! A founding father! :) Bill I had not realized how long ago you retired.

      One of the funny things I have always found odd is why doesn’t Congress just raise the price in larger increments and less frequently in order to make it so the Post Office is viable.

      • Uhmmmm, Congress is occupied by a type of creature called “bought-off aliens” who do not understand how the real world, and real people, function…..???

  3. Hi, Walter, the circled G is a secret code that you people back east do not really understand. For those of us in Wisconsin it tells us that the firm’s owners are really (secret) Green Bay Packers fans. You know the Packers, don’t you – the only undefeated NFL team this year, now 12-0 and after Sunday they will be 13-0? Oh, you don’t!!? You poor, uneducated hick man, I’m so sorry to hear that!! ;-)

    • Packers… Meat packers? Green bay Meat Packers… Hmm… doesn’t sound good! Definite mobbishness. :) I have a confession to make. *sigh* I don’t follow sports although I am aware that NFL is one of the pro sports organizations. Baseball or basket ball I think. Or maybe hockey?

  4. Yep! I remember the penny post cards and three cent first class letters – air mail was more but don’t remember as I never sent one.

    Of course, the house we lived in cost a little over $8,000.00 – found this out when mother sold it when I was in college. Candy bars were a nickel unless they were the BIG ones and they were a dime. I don’t think my dad made over $5,000.00/ year and he was the chief engineer of two different companies. I think that I could get a hair cut for fifty cents, but definitely remember $0.75 ones in Centerville, Iowa the county seat ten miles from my Grandmother’s farm.

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