Piglet Pumpkin Party

Chow Time at the Okay Corral

When the piglets were moved into one of the gardens they found a bounty of pumpkins and other produce growing there. The plastic jug makes a good toy for pickup games of football.

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Daily Spark: It’s good to know something useless, someday you might need it.

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7 Responses to Piglet Pumpkin Party

  1. You know, the animals really love those pumpkins. I threw five huge pumpkins into our chicken coop one weekend, and by the end of the weekend they were nothing but skins, they ate them in preference to other feeds and loved them. Nice picture.

  2. Nance says:

    oh rats. I should have sent you by U.S Postal Service the shell/innards of the pumkin I cooked down last weekend. Would it have cost me 44 cents? or $4.40? Would your Rural Free Delivery mailman deliver my slimey package? I would have had to declare it to the USPS as “time sensitive”.

  3. David B says:

    Glad your pumpkins did better this year, I know you’ve had problems in the past. My giant pumpkin rotted out halfway through the summer, very strange. We did grow enough pie pumpkins for a few pies though :)

  4. Abe says:

    I planted some small sugar pie pumpkins and they did not do well at all. Only a few came up and only one produced pumpkins. I think I planted them to early. Bad year. :(

  5. Laura Dille says:

    I am interested to know (and see pictures) of how long it takes the pigs to eat all the veggies out of your planted fields? Do you harvest the veggies or just let the pigs have at it?

    • We have many different fields and many different numbers and sizes of pigs get passed through so all of this varies. Typically about two weeks and a field is cleaned out but that can vary greatly. We let the animals do the harvesting. I believe they should work for a living.

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