Sunrise Moonrise

Sunrise Moonrise Over South Field

Both the sun and the moon rising over the line of maple trees between the home field and south field. In the distance, at the start of the far south field you can see what I call the arrow pine which grew that way because of how the forest was shaped. It was along a woods road so it put most of its growth into the western open side. Very distinctive.

Outdoors: 45°F/25°F Partially Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 70°F/67°F

Daily Spark: Do you know that the Government/Banks/Wallstreet/PYA* has officially switched to using velcro? It’s easier to rip people off.

*Pick Your Angst

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2 Responses to Sunrise Moonrise

  1. Jamey says:

    Your spark is so so so true about all of those groups. Wise words. Keep on.

  2. Nance says:

    pretty darn awesome. I “like” that photo.

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