Rooster on Hay – Hard Frost

Rooster on Hay in South Field Shed Courtyard

This photo was from just before the recent dump of snow. We got a very hard frost with crystal clear skies that night and then blue sky clear the next morning. Two of the roosters who choose not to sleep in with the hens – losers that they are – were out strutting around on the hay in the south field shed. Why do I call them losers? No emotional issue, they simply lost out to the bigger more dominant Aracauna rooster who rules the hen roost. Simple fact of life.

I may move these two boys up with the ducks for the winter until they comes to dine with us. Or perhaps in with the weaner piglets – they get along well and that helps train the piglets to other animals.On the other hand, that may not be a good idea as the roosters are loud and the weaner areas would put them almost outside our bedroom window. It is enough to be woken at 3 am with them way out in the south field.

Both of these roosters are from this year’s chicks. The whiter one in the background is a variant of the Araucana. I’m not sure what breed the near one is as he is not one of the rooster types I ordered. The hatchery often throws in some extra males in the order. Any ideas as to breed?

Outdoors: 47°F/29°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 70°F/65°F

Daily Spark: What’s my biggest mistake… Hmm… It’s so hard to pick and choose just one. I mean, why play favorites? People forget that making mistakes is part of learning, part of living. When I stop making mistakes it will probably mean I’m dead.

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4 Responses to Rooster on Hay – Hard Frost

  1. Talitha says:

    I’d say the one at the forefront is a speckled sussex which I have raised with great success because they are very hawk proof.

  2. We’ve had roosters for years and barely hear them anymore…over the peacocks and the guineas not to mention our Great Pyrennes who rounds our property all night barking away the coyotes. Now, when they all get quiet, THEN I wake up!

  3. Abe says:

    Looks like a Sussex or a Sussex cross to me.

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