Snowed In – Leftovers

Will, Kavi, Sirus, Hope & Ben

We’re snowed in. I’m hoping that Mother Nature will quickly melt all this white stuff.

Lovely Leftovers

We love leftovers. I don’t get why some people diss them so much. Left overs have had more time to meld the spices. They’re ever so easy to prepare. You can make so many things from them.

Will made this lovely meal from our Thanksgiving leftovers. It consists of pulled turkey, mashed potatoes and white turkey gravy, whole cranberry sauce, re-steamed carrots and cauliflower, apple sauce (not a left over) and Yorkshire pudding. The Yorkshire pudding is the biscuit looking thing at 12 O’clock. Rather than being made with the traditional beef drippings he made them with turkey drippings – delicious.

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2 Responses to Snowed In – Leftovers

  1. I was so delighted to see Yorkshire pudding added to the leftover dinner! I love Yorkshire pudding…but have never thought to make it with turkey. Thanks for always thinking “outside the box”. And Will appears to be quite the chef~!

    • Yes, Will has become an excellent cook and makes a lot of our meals. The turkey dripping based Yorkshire pudding is an example of how he has grown as a cook – learning to innovate with what he has on hand as well as following book recipes.

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