Thanksgiving Dinner 2011

Butcher Shop in a Snow Globe

What’s your Thanksgiving like? We actually had Thanksgiving yesterday on Wednesday because it was a snow day. There are some benefits of working with the weather. When it is not conducive to being outside we switch around our schedule. So Wednesday became Thursday and visa-versa.

We awoke on Thanksgiving (Wednesday) to almost a foot of snow and it kept falling all day. We did the minimum amount of chores. The dogs danced in the snow. The kids snowboarded down the mountain.

For breakfast we had Lox, cream cheese and toasted bagels with orange juice. Lox is smoked salmon for those who have not yet been introduced. It is delicious.

I enjoyed a book. We read comics. Will cooked granola filling the house with delicious smells. Hair cuts happened. We cooked more.

Lunch was light, guacamole and chips, brie and veggies, fruit.

We cooked more. It was a cooking kind of day.

Dinner was early and hearty. Turkey with strips of our own smoked jowl on top. A stuffing of nuts, cranberries, bread, apple, bacon, pepper, salt sage and allspice. Cranberries, steamed veggies, home made blue cheese dressing on salad. Homemade almond cookies for dessert.

Add five thankful people and a pack of dogs calmly waiting.


Outdoors: 37°F/25°F Cloudy, Light Snow
Tiny Cottage: 69°F/67°F

Daily Spark: Don’t get malled on Black Friday.

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Dinner 2011

  1. How do the smaller pigs do in the snow? Do they have any trouble getting to food or water or staying warm? The weaned piglets are so cute, I hate to think of them lost in a snow drift.

    • They do great in the snow. The smaller pigs tend to stay on the trails and yard areas that get packed. As the snows get deeper through the winter this is true of all the pigs as well as other animals. Like deer the pigs and sheep make winter yards where they spend most of their time. These areas have packed snow which take less energy to walk on.

  2. Hello, my first post on your blog I have read for a long while. That stuffing sounds great. Could you please share more details on the measurements and how you throw it together ? Thanks much.


    • Um… My measurements are rather vague and there is some degree of using what I have on hand but here goes:

      Apple Nut Cranberry Turkey stuffing:
      – 2 Small onions fried up in lard (butter okay) until starting to carbonize
      – Turkey heart and liver diced and added to frying onions stirring frequently
      – Big double hand full of diced bread (3 cups?) add to frying pan with more lard
      – Fry until bread crisps up and browns
      – Dashes each of sage, allspice, black pepper and salt to personal taste
      – One diced apple (I like Macintosh – what I grew up with around here)
      – Small handful of fried bacon chopped up (left over from breakfast)
      – Add big handful each of:
      — Cranberries
      — Nuts (I like walnuts, pecans and sliced almonds)
      – Drizzle on a cup of turkey drippings
      – Add a cup of cider
      – Fry some more to reduce fluid stir as needed
      Stuff turkey full during last hour of turkey’s cooking.
      Extra stuffing goes in a dish to bake along with turkey in oven.

      Any bread will work, rice can be substituted for bread or mixed in with it. Left over rice, stale bread work fine.




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