Snow Day 2011

Snow Day Cottage Pan 2011 – Click for expanded view (huge – be patient)

Last night Will and Ben scrambled to cover our Big Project before the anticipated storm. It was calm and clear making the storm seem unlikely but the weather man was predicting seven to nine inches. We got 11.5″ by 6 am and by noon it was up to well over a foot as I write this. Here’s hoping it will all melt off and quickly. If not, we’ll shovel off the scaffolding and plastic we covered the project with so we can do one last pour of the year.

Since it was still coming down hard in the morning we decided to take a snow day after regular chores. We’ll celebrate Thanksgiving today and then tomorrow when it is supposed to be sunny we can get back to construction.

Ben Bombing Down Drive

While I was getting a photo of the butcher shop under the snow Ben shot down past me on his snowboard. He had hiked up the mountain and used the water road trail. The total length of the water road is almost 3,000′ but Ben said he had only snowboarded the bottom 900′, one of the steeper sections.

Ben joked that he didn’t have to stop there, he could have kept right on going down the road to the post office – it’s all down hill for nearly a mile and a half. In fact, from there he could probably go to the junction of East Orange several more miles down the Route-25. Could he make it to the Waites River General Store? Bradford? The Connecticut River? NH? MA? Heck, once you’ve made it that far it’s all down hill to the ocean…

The dogs were thrilled. They love the snow and they love playing around the fast moving snowboards and sleds.

Outdoors: 31°F/15°F 14.5″ Snow
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/67°F

Daily Spark: Lets be naughty and save Santa the trip! -Bumper Sticker Seen

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4 Responses to Snow Day 2011

  1. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jeffries family, You’ve earned it!!

  2. Pam R. says:

    When I told DH you’d had Thanksgiving yesterday, he wondered if you’d had pork…

    Here, no one likes turkey much and we’ve not had a traditional dinner in over a decade. This year is pork tenderloin. :)) We have 2 ready, but have not decided if they will both be cooked the same or with 2 different recipes.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one.

    • We had turkey with pork lard in some of the cooking, pork jowl on the turkey top and bits of bacon in the stuffing. So turkey and pig. :) Hope you enjoyed your tenderloin!

      • Pam R. says:

        One tenderloin was made with a wild rice stuffing and the other was marinated. We had one of last year’s and one of this year’s. This year’s was the marinated and my son and I preferred that one. But both were good.

        I also made a pate of the fresh liver and ground pork, and bacon from last year. It’s been being pressed so I’ve not tried it yet.

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