Moss Rock

Sitting Stone

A Rolling Stone gathers no moss but a flat boulder certainly does. I dug this one out of the mountain side ten years ago. It was a chunk of ledge along the strawberry level. It’s a fair sized chunk of Vermont, about six feet long by 18″ thick. I carefully shifted it to the edge of the new terrace and left it there as a sitting rock. Now the softer bands of stone have grown loads of moss and other plants while the quartz bands are still free of life. I don’t tend to actually sit on it because it is too interesting to look at the growing life forms. Besides, it’s sitting on the edge of a cliff I would rather not slide down…

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Daily Spark: It’s hard to graze grass when you’re standing on concrete.

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  1. Terry says:

    great photo! very interesting. We have a VERY OLD lime pit in our woods that has tons of rocks and they are all covered with moss as well. The kids love going back in the woods and looking at all of it. Beats going to the mall any day!

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