Sleeping Beauties

Pigs and Chickens in the South Field Shed

Pigs are not early risers, unlike the chickens who are up well before the crack of dawn. We’re enjoying this blue sky extended warm weather, getting farm improvements and winter ready as we wait for the last concrete to cure and before our next concrete pour on the butcher shop.

Above is the South Field Shed also known as the Greenhouse. For now it is an open three sided shed around a courtyard. Someday it will become the foundation of a greenhouse. This is the actual project we were working on before the “Trouble with Butchers” that led to our diverting all of our cash and time to building our own Butcher Shop.

Later, after the butcher shop is up and running and making a return on investment we’ll once again have the cash to build our long desired greenhouse. In the mean time, the foundation with the recycled roofs is making a great winter farrowing space for our herd.

Outdoors: 45°F/29°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 70°F/67°F

Daily Spark: What doesn’t kill you drives evolution.

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  1. They look stunning. I mean sunning.

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