Wall Street Protest?

Braided Beeches – South Field

No photo directly related to this post. It’s too disgusting. I got into the house and found a message on the desk.

Romula, one of our livestock guardian dogs, wrote, in her own special way, “I sheeeet on your stuff!

She shit on on the power company monthly bill.

Precisely on the power company bill.

Only on the power company bill.

I do not know if Romula is making a political statement in sympathy with the Occupy Wall Street protesters or what. It really isn’t very fair of her since our electric company is a very nice, local, cooperative utility. As members, we own it. But Romula may not fully understand the protests. After all, she’s not quite a year old. Mostly she is outside guarding and herding – she’s not a house dog.

In any case, I threw out the bill and made a note to call the electric company to get a new copy of the bill. If necessary we can explain our dog shit the bill. As a child I never did get to use the excuse “My dog ate my homework.” This is close. Very close. Disgustingly close.

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6 Responses to Wall Street Protest?

  1. Patricia says:

    Hahaha, very funny! Well, you could have cats. My husband’s aging tomcat decided he didn’t like it when I moved in and he repeatedly took a German Sheperd sized doo doo on my pillow every night for about a week. I bribed him with bologna…

  2. Please send Romula to the White House.

  3. mellifera says:

    …or Wall Street.

  4. Maggie says:

    Hahaha! Great. Sorry about the bill, I’m sure they’ll send you a new one. And good on you for having a responsible energy company. ^_^
    I also liked Patricia’s story. ;-)

  5. Susan Lea says:

    Too funny! I always love hearing about your dogs!

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