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Old tech meets new tech. We just got our phone book for the year. Kindling anyone? I haven’t looked up a phone number in the phone book for… er… a decade? Maybe longer. I think the phone company primarily continues to print phone books so they can sell the advertisements. The biggest ads are from sewage crazed liars.

Yes, I realize some people still use the paper version but this is an example of a technology who’s time is fading. I wonder how long they’ll last.

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††Truth from the mouth of babes.

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  1. Paula says:

    I’m with you Walter! I text message google information if I need the phone number and address. Google’s number is 46645. Just text the name of the person or business with the zip code of the city you want to find it in to 46645 and google will text you back the information. Quick and easy. Love it and love your blog. All the things you and your family accomplish just amaze me.
    Can’t wait to see the butcher shop up and running!

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