This is Bob. Bob is Ben’s pet vise grip. Ben keeps Bob on a short leash because Bob’s brother Spanny was a spaz and jumped down into the wall cavity when we were doing steelwork up on the high scaffolding of the reefer in the butcher shop. Spanny is now an Artifact. Maybe in ten thousand years some archeologist will find Spanny embedded in concrete like Jimmy Hoffa. The difference is Spanny can be excused as structural steel…

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Daily Spark: Arty-Fact: Picasso was a painter.

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4 Responses to Artifact

  1. J Jaeger says:

    I thought we were the only family that named objects. May “Bob” tag along on many successful projects for Ben! Those tools – always getting into trouble…

  2. mellifera says:

    The other day we were playing Who’s Your Famous Relative at work, and the boss won… his great-uncle is Ferdinand Marcos, former dictator of the Philippines. “But don’t worry!” he said, “All the crazy came from Imelda.”

    A few people still just love Imelda because she was a great patron of the arts. (The arts are great ‘n’ all, but really? Sponsor a couple shows and everything’s ok?) Legend has it that during the construction of a building to be used for film festivals, there was an accident and lots of scaffolding fell down. The construction was on a tight deadline so Imelda gave the order to skip that laborious rescue & evacuation step, and pour the concrete anyway. There may or may not be approximately 170 people buried inside that building.

  3. mellifera says:

    The funny thing is, Mr. Descended-From-Ferdinand-Marcos is the best boss ever. (Had a dream last night that he got promoted and was replaced by, er, the boss that I went to grad school to get away from. Worst nightmare I’ve had in years!)

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